In this section you will find the activities carried out related to the promotion of sustainable finance developed or planned to be developed soon by BCFE4S as well as the projects in which BCFE4S is participating or plans to participate, both own and linked to the FC4S network or other entities. ‘ESG or sustainable finance

Participation in FC4S

Place: Barcelona
Incorporation of Mr. Lluís Herrero, President of Barcelona European Financial Center (BCFE) since March 2017, on the Steering Committee of...
Planned activities
28 September,2022

Place: Bolsa de Barcelona.   Hosted by: Generalitat de Catalunya, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona Centre Financer Europeu.   Time: 17:00 - 19:35 CET.
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6 November,2022

Place: Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.   Hosted by: United Nations.   Time: 06.11.22 - 18.11.22.
30 November,2022

Place: CCIB – Barcelona International Convention Centre.   Hosted by: PRI.   Time: 30.11.22 - 02.12.22.
Carried out activities
25 May,2022

Place: IEF.   Hosted by: IEF.   Time: 15:30 - 17:00 CET.
From May 23rd to June 3rd, the Institute of Financial Studies (IEF) has organized, for forty top-level executives from various Egyptian banking...